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Mar 16 2014

Digital Consulting

Published by under Scott Crone

Scott Crone – Business owner and entrepreneur Scott Crone has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Scott Crone works for companies across the globe, Scott Crone consults with global firms on digital, social and search.

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Mar 14 2014

Recruitment Media Buying

Published by under Recruitment Media Buying

If you’re looking for recruitment media buying you should reach out to Scot Crone or Karen Crone they’ll be able to give you the best advice for your recruitment media buy spend.

Media buying, a sub function of advertising management, is the procurement of media real estate at an optimal placement and price. The main task of media buying lies within the negotiation of price and placement to ensure the best possible value can be secured for an advertisement. The type of people who negotiate the price of these advertisements are labeled “Media Buyers” in the workplace. Increasingly, the job of a Media Buyer online is being done in real-time with advanced algorithms.

Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, selecting, and onboarding a qualified person for a job. At the strategic level it may involve the development of an employer brand which includes an “employee offering”.

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Mar 06 2014

Scot Crone

Published by under Scot Crone

Scot Crone – Business owner and entrepreneur Scot Crone has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Scot Crone works for companies across the globe, Scot Crone consults with global firms on digital, social and search.

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Mar 02 2014

Karen Crone (Actress) Movie Credits

Karen Crone – Karen Crone is an actress, known for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001), Rome: Total War (2004) and Mental (2012)

Movies Karen Crone is known for:

Karen Crone in Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)

Karen Crone in Rome: Total War (2004)

Karen Crone in Mental (2012)

Other people named Karen Crone:

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone


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Jul 17 2013

The Pros and Cons of the Different Types of Life Insurance

Published by under Business

Life insurance is so important in the protection of your family and assets. There are a few different types of life insurance policies. This is true whether it is Fortegra Life Insurance or another agent’s life insurance policy. Most insurance companies provide a whole life, term life, or universal life policy product. What are these three products and how do they apply to the person seeking a life insurance product?

Term life insurance is just as the name identifies. A life insurance policy provides coverage for a certain amount of years. The amount of years can be 10, 15, 20, etc. Many times, the amount of years is determined by the age of the person seeking the policy.

Fortegra whole life insurance provides a cash value reserve of the whole value of the premiums up into the policy. The benefits of a whole life policy is that there is a guarantee of death benefits, fixed premiums and the ability to borrow a cash loan to be paid back. If, at the time of a person’s death, there are any unpaid loans taken from the whole life insurance policy, the amount owed will be taken from the amount of the death benefit amount.

Universal life insurance is a newer product that allows a bit more flexibility to the death benefit amount as compared to the whole life policy product. There are normally two options for those interested in a universal life policy quote and is suggested a person speak with a licensed insurance agent when comparing the three different life insurance products. It can often be confusing when talking but a licensed insurance agent can alleviate some of that confusion.

It is beneficial to purchase life insurance and health insurance from the same company. Their products normally sync well together. It is often more convenient to pay premiums to one insurance company rather than several different places.  You will find providers such as Fortegra.com offer a number of life insurance quotes and products.

Do not wait until it is too late to learn about the options available to the consumer in regards to health and life insurance. Who should have life and health insurance policies? Everyone, however, many believe these insurance are an added burden to the budget. Remember, the premium that goes into health and life insurance policies is beneficial to those wanting to care not only for themselves, but for the well-being of those they are leaving behind in case of a sudden death.

For additional information regarding health insurance, or to learn more on term, whole, and universal life products, click here.


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Jul 03 2013

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Mandate delayed until 2015

Published by under Health,News

One of the most common phrases used to describe someone in frenzy is, “They are running around like a chicken, with its head cut off.”

That is exactly what mid-sized and large corporations were doing to prepare for the employer health insurance mandate set for the deadline of January 2014. The mandate required that businesses with fifty or more employees be offered affordable health insurance or face fines of up to $2000 per employee.

Businesses sighed with relief when President Barack Obama announced on Tuesday, that they had elected to delay that portion of the Affordable Care Act. Health care reform is still set to for the deadline of January of 2014, but employers (with 50+ employees) are no longer forced to offer health benefit plans to employees or incur penalty until the following year of 2015.

Here is a list of health care reform mandates that are still in place and still on schedule of the current deadline of January of this upcoming year.

  • State/Federal Health Insurance Exchanges to open set for October 2013
  • Affordable Coverage for Americans with Pre-existing Conditions
  • Health insurance providers to not discriminate (i.e. forcing higher premiums on women, children with pre-existing conditions, or denial of coverage due to sickness or injury)
  • Individuals 26 years of age and younger qualify to remain on parents health insurance
  • Changing insurance summaries to be written in plain English, providing a clear understanding of benefits
  • Free preventative care and more…

To get a clear snapshot of health care reform and the law, visit the White House Blog that keeps all information regarding changes up-to-date.

Overall, business owners of large corporations and mid-sized companies are happy about the delay in the employer mandate. They are pushing to change the law further by making health insurance required only for employees who work full-time at 40 hours and not the current law that makes employees eligible for health insurance at 30 hours.

The Affordable Care Act brought many changes and expect it to continue to have bumps in the road, Americans will not see the full effect of its changes until the January deadline.

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Jun 24 2013

Rhinoplasty and Choosing the right Plastic Surgeon

Published by under Health

Over the past few years, plastic surgery trends have changed. It is no longer those who are well-off who are opting for finding a plastic surgeon, and going for that look they always wanted. One of the reasons people are electing facial plastic surgery is the exposure of social media outlets. Now, people are becoming more self-conscious of how they appear in photographs and online chats via Skype or FaceTime.

Because of these online applications, they are deciding to finally get that chin implant, or nose surgery to improve on their appearance. Why not, plastic surgery centers like Primera Plastic Surgery, offer their clients many services to enhance their overall looks as well as confidentiality. A person could elect to have a facelift, liposuction of the face & neck, or chemical peel, any of these procedures will be what will make the client look their absolute best.

From the beginning Dr Gross Plastic Surgeon, will consult with the client and be with them every step of the way. At the initial consultation, Dr. Gross M.D. will use his computer imager, to assist clients in seeing the results of the desired surgery. If a person is wanting to get nose surgery, then Dr. Gross will create an personalized treatment that will provide the face with a well-balanced look and optimum results.

Not every surgeon is going to be qualified to perform a surgery like Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery. So, if the plastic surgery that an individual is most interested in than they should make certain to seek out a facial plastic surgeon that is capable and experienced. It is common sense that the use and function of the nose is vital to breathing and a person’s well-being. So, because of the importance of the nose it should be priority to choose the right facial plastic surgeon for Rhinoplasty surgery.

To book a consultation with Dr. Gross M.D., visit site.




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Jun 01 2013

Great Tips to Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Published by under Home

With most homeowners, the costs associated with the cost of maintaining a home can seem very high, particularly insurance costs, and Florida homeowners insurance often just seems like one more added cost. There are easy steps homeowners can take to reduce the cost of homeowners insurance and make their home and family safer at the same time.

The reasons behind the discounts are simple to understand. An insurance company, like Security First Florida Insurance, assumes that the more safety precautions a homeowner has in place, the less likely it is that the company will have to reimburse the homeowner for the costs associated with emergencies.

Here is a great list of tips homeowners can use to save money on Florida home insurance policies.

  1. The number one step a homeowner can take to reduce the cost of homeowners insurance is to have a home alarm system. The alarm system should be a centralized burglar and fire alarm system, to save the most money on insurance policies. In fact, just by having an active burglar and fire alarm, a homeowner can save up to 20% on insurance costs.
  2. Homeowners should ensure carbon monoxide and smoke detectors have been installed on each level of a home. These detectors can be installed as part of a central alarm system.
  3. Keep several fire extinguishers in the home, in particular in areas such as the kitchen and garage. This is a very easy way to save money on a homeowners’ insurance policy.
  4. Have a well-maintained heating system. Have a home’s heating system inspected annually by a professional, to be sure it is in proper working order. This is not only a great way to save on homeowners’ insurance, but will also help cut down on energy bills.
  5. If a pool is present in the backyard of a home, it should have a fence installed around the entire perimeter, along with a gate that is locked and bolted.

These are just a handful of great tips. Read more here.





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Mar 18 2013

What Classifies a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Published by under Health,News

According to Wikipedia, “Traumatic brain injury (TBI), also known as intracranial injury, occurs when an external force traumatically injures the brain.” Brain injury is usually determined and classified based on the Glasgow Coma Scale, which indicates the severity of an injury and separates it into mild, moderate, and severe. TBI produces a myriad of problems that can occur either physical, social, emotional, behavioral effects, and cognitive. It is imperative that a brain injury not be ignored.

Too often people fear the idea of losing their job if filing for a worker’s compensation claim. If injured on the job it is essential that the injury be reported and then receives medical attention without fear. Although, many workplaces have established safety guidelines injuries do happen. If you have suffered a head injury on the job, contact Deciccio & Johnson for a free consultation, and decide if a TBI attorney is crucial to your specific case.

There are instances where those who have experienced an on-the-job head injury have more than just a worker’s compensation case. Based on information provided directly from www.deciccio.com, it states, “There is cases where the TBI occurring at work involves also a third party who is at fault. A traveling salesman who receives a brain injury due to the fault of someone driving a motor vehicle has a workers’ compensation case and a civil case against the at fault driver.”

Deciccio & Johnson are both board-certified in workers’ compensation and represent both defendants and plaintiffs in lawsuits and insurance claims. Speak with them in determining whether the TBI that has occurred, and more importantly seek the medical attention and tests needed to treat the injury.

Severe traumatic brain injury can lead to high cost rehabilitation services, meaning that in some very severe cases, there are chances of being in need of many different health professionals. For instance, the injured party dependent on severity might need speech and language therapy, cognitive rehabilitation therapy, occupational therapy, and the treatments of therapists, neuropsychologists to evaluate any cognitive issues due to head injury.

To set up a free consultation with the law offices of Deciccio & Johnson, click here.


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Mar 13 2013

Health Savings Account: An Emergency Medical Backup Fund

Published by under Business,Health


A health savings account and high deductible health plans go hand in hand. Why, the purpose being that those who have high deductible health insurance product plans, similar to plans at Fortegra.com, the premium every month comes in lower because the insured is responsible for paying a higher amount deductible before the insurance company has to start to pay.

The health savings account or HSA helps in this way. For one it is not subject to any federal income tax at the time of deposit, and it rolls over into the next year. An HSA is not like a Flexible Savings Account where the funds accumulated throughout the year, if not spent, do not roll over.

HSA’s can be used for any qualified medical expense, like paying the ambulance bill to the emergency room, or cost of dental/vision, if not covered on the health insurance plan. When is it not beneficial to buy a high deductible plan and health savings plan, if one does not have a lot of extra income to put in the savings plan to help with the cost of the high deductible at time of emergency. Of course, than it would be best to consider paying a higher premium on a different policy.  It is always advisable to learn all the facts and advisors at companies like Fortegra will always be available to answer any question you may have.

Some might be caught up in the idea of paying a lower premium every month, and it may seem like the right fit, if the insured and/or their family is relatively healthy. However, emergencies happen all the time and if money has not been placed into the HSA, they are still responsible for the full cost of the deductible before the insurance company pays out on medical expenses.

With medical costs being so high and health risks increasing rapidly among the American people, it is important to have health benefits plan from insurance providers such as Fortegra insurance. It is important to be proactive in staying healthy. Those who are not regularly active and cognitive of the eating habits not only need health insurance, but also be willing to change lifestyles for better health.

The most important proponent to an HSA is that a person learns to be committed to saving for an emergency medical backup fund, essentially, they are saving for the future. As the future is unknown, and different health risks and accidents happen unexpectedly, planning and saving for that unknown future is vital. Check out more information on health insurance plans on this online source www.fortegra.com.

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